Danish Twitter profiles about #journalism

A service for my Danish-speaking readers primarily: inspired by a list of 100 English language Twitter profiles, which every journalism student must follow, I have made a Danish list. It is a lot shorter as it includes only 15 Twitter profiles that are good resources for people who want to follow current developments within Danish news media and journalism. The list (presented in alphabetical order) is somewhat idiosyncratic and hardly exhaustive, so let me know if I’ve forgotten someone or gotten something wrong, then I’ll revise the list later.

  • @Ahaheder: Ahaheder.dk, research-based web magazine on journalism
  • @bo_elkjaer: Bo Elkjær, editor of Journalisten
  • @ernstpoulsen: Ernst Poulsen, digital/new media journalist
  • @fiwa: Filip Wallberg, associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark
  • @julie_h_toft: Julie H. Toft, journalist at MediaWatch.dk
  • @KaareSorensen: Kaare Sørensen, journalist at Jyllands-Posten
  • @larskjensen: Lars K. Jensen, media blogger (employed at Ekstra Bladet)
  • @LasseJensen7: Lasse Jensen, radio host and grand old man of Danish media journalism
  • @LineHolm1: Line Holm Nielsen, journalist at Berlingske
  • @MikaelRomer: Mikael Rømer, journalist at DR
  • @orskov: Stig Kirk Ørskov, COO of JP/Politikens Hus
  • @PernilleT: Pernille Tranberg, head of editorial development at Berlingske
  • @rosenorn: Søren Rosenørn, managing editor at Gong
  • @tafkal: Lars Damgaard Nielsen, editor of social media at DR
  • @troelsbj: Troels B. Jørgensen, web editor at Kristeligt Dagblad

Furthermore, you must of course follow the hashtags #dkmedier and #medienyt and also check out @LineHolm1’s list of Berlingske journalists and @tafkal’s list of DR journalists.

Update September 28, 2012: Thanks to Line Holm Nielsen and Lars Damgaard Nielsen, some details have now been corrected/added.

Update June 7, 2013: Ernst Poulsen has put together a list of all Danish journalists on Twitter.