What’s people’s position on paywalls?

A very brief post just to draw attention to two recent pieces of work (both in Danish) by yours truly.

The first is the report “Nyheder om den anden side” on the coverage of socially marginalized people (alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people, etc.) in local news media. The report was commissioned by the Council for Socially Marginalized People in Denmark, who wanted to know if local councils speaking the case for this group of people resulted in more coverage in the local press. The short answer: they didn’t.

The second one is an article (published on Kommunikationsforum) that outlines the current state of the Danish discussion on news websites’ paywalls. It argues that there are four positions in the discussion: 1) it’s okay to be charged for journalism, which is an expensive product, online; 2) it’s not okay – in fact, it’s against everything the digital media stands for; 3) it’s okay to charge readers online – we’ll just circumvent the paywalls and get the news for free anyway, and 4) it would be okay to be charged for journalism online if only the quality was better.

Another (and, honestly, more important) publication is due within the very near future. Stay tuned!