Disruption(?) in the news media – slides

Yesterday, I gave a guest lecture at the Center for Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark about current developments in the media. Before the lecture, I tweeted one of the slides from my presentation – a slide showing a scene from the immensely popular Danish television drama “Matador” (a shared reference for everyone i Denmark) with the word “disruption” in the upper-left corner.

The tweet had more impact than would have expected; a lot of people have asked for the slides. So, by popular demand, here they are – slightly edited and in Danish: “Forandringer i mediebranchen“.

The irony, by the way, is that I used the opportunity to take a shot at the widespread use of the concept of disruption, which is disconnected from the way Bower and Christensen (1995) defined it in their seminal essay “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave“.

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