Free talk: who watches you, as you watch your screen?

What is user data? How are they created and captured online? And what are they used for? Those are some of the questions that I will address in my contribution the Danish Science Festival 2019. The talk builds upon my current research into capture of data traces and its place in the political economy of the internet.

The talk, which is in Danish, confronts some of the big questions of the current public discussion. It is free to book the talk, since I am paid through my employment at the IT University of Copenhagen. The intended target groups are older school-children, high-school students, and adults. So if you can gather a group of 20+ people, I will be happy to come talk to you.

Some practical info: there are limited time slots for the talk (April 24-30); unfortunately, I can only offer the talk in the Western part of the country; the duration of the talk is one hour.

Booking opens March 1. Read more on the official webpage, “Hvem kigger med, når du kigger på din skærm?” where there is also more information about booking.