Head of Studies at ITU

Today, I start a in new position as Head of Studies at the IT University of Copenhagen.

As Head of Studies, I will be responsible for quality assurance and development of all study programs at the university. It is a position in management and administration, so in the future there will be another focus in my professional life than before. To some extent, that is: two days of the week will still be used for research, and the position is temporary (after it terminates, I will go back to my normal Associate Professorship). But for the next three years, my research engagements will be focused on only a few projects which are most important for me. I will get to say “no” a lot more (and probably a lot more than I am comfortable with).

The internet and digital technology is likely here to stay, and the IT University of Copenhagen plays an important part in equipping the Danish society to the digital future. I am excited and proud to play a central role in bringing that ambition to life over the coming years.