Call for Papers: biennial meeting in SMiD

I have the pleasure of serving as chair of the Association of Media Researchers in Denmark (acronym: SMiD). Right now, we have the call for papers out for our biennial meeting, which will take place on October 27-28 this year.

The theme of the biennial meeting is “The Social in the Media, the Media in the Social”, Jill Walker Rettberg from Bergen University will deliver the keynote, and here is the call for papers:

Media and their production, content, and use have always had a social dimension – connecting people to each other and to society, giving them something to talk about, constructing identities and communities. However, the social occupy a particularly prominent position in the current media culture, where lifestyle and reality television, networked and multimodal forms of communication, participatory formats on the internet, social and mobile media etc., all point to more human interaction and new ways and forms of being social. Furthermore, the boundaries between different social spheres are blurring, and configurations of social situations are more liquid than ever and subject to constant re- negotiations due to the ubiquity of media technologies.

The theme of the 2016 biennial meeting of the Association for Media Researchers in Denmark (SMiD) is “The Social in the Media, the Media in the Social”. The aim is to explore the intricate nexus between the social and the media; how media support, challenge, or change the social; and how the social is expressed in the media and constitutes dimensions of production, content, and use. In the spirit of SMiD’s ambitions, the biennial meeting encourages a broad interpretation of what constitutes “media” and “social”.

The biennial meeting also accepts proposals that do not relate to the theme.

Abstracts for papers (max 300 words) and proposals for panels (panel outline: max 300 words + abstracts for 3-5 individual papers: max 100 words each) must be submitted no later than June 15, 2016, to

All practical information on the biennial meeting can be found in this post on SMiD’s website (some of it in Danish – email me for details if necessary).