I am a researcher, exploring how digital platforms engage with, shape, and are shaped by organizations and society, and how data traces constitute a strategic resource for business and management. My scientific keywords include datafication, digitalization, innovation, business models, and management. Some of my recent publications concern structural properties of digitalization, subscription on local news websites, news startups, and the theoretical concept of affordances. My teaching is about organization in the digital age.

I am Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, where I head the Digital Platforms and Data research group. This website is my online business card with information about my professional activities and my work-related (and very infrequently updated) blog. The website is also a way for myself to keep track of what I do.

I strongly believe in collaborations and in broadening my scope through interaction with practitioners, fellow researchers, the general public, and others. So do reach out – I look forward to hearing from you.