Digital News Agendas in Scandinavia (2017-2021)

With the participation of researchers from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the “Digital News Agendas in Scandinavia” collaborative project analyzes the hyperlinked news network in Scandinavia, including all editorial resources in an investigation into the structural affordances into the digital news agenda. The project maps the entire Scandinavian online news network, discovering 1) how the local, regional, national and international news agendas are connected; 2) who is at the centre, edges and in the shadows of the hyperlinked network; and 3) what kind of news is published online and on social media. This will help uncover the structural, organisational and technological factors behind online and social media news agendas – revealing what infrastructures are necessary for journalism to connect with people in the digital age. PI of the project is Professor Helle Sjøvaag (University of Stavanger), and the project is supported by Anne-Marie och Gustav Anders stiftelse för mediaforskning.

So far, this research project has resulted in three journal articles by me (as co-author):