A week in the life

Last week, I tried something new (and fun): I invited everyone to join me at work. Not physically but through the @medpaarbejde Instagram profile. It is a profile that different persons take over each week in order to offer a glimpse into what different work situations look like. I am not on Instagram, but I figured this would be an interesting way to show what life in research looks like – and to paint a more nuanced picture of what goes on in universities.

My run is over now, but here is the collection of the 30 posts I managed to make during the week. They are in Danish, but an image speaks more than a thousand words, right..? The content still holds for what was a fairly typical week for me (even if the specific content of some of the events varies).

One note: you may notice that there are not very many persons in the pictures. This is not because I do not see people, but simply because getting consent to photograph them and put their face on Instagram took too long time…

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Så er det #weekend.

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